Meet Abdarrakhman Akhmetgali: the graduate of QWANT Upskill

— Introduce yourself to us and tell us how did you get into programming

— My name is Abdarrakhman and I am a student of the «Qwant» school which collaborates with the Qwasar platform. I have been fond of mathematics since my school days and before graduation, I became interested in computer science. After that, I enrolled at Nazarbayev University Bachelor’s program of electrical engineering. While studying for one year as an engineer, I really enjoyed programming in C and C++. This is how I came to programming.

— How did you find out about Qwasar ?

— When the pandemic began, I was looking for different types of online internships related to programming, but I felt that I did not have enough experience in organizing projects and writing good quality code, and then I saw an announcement about a new Qwant programming school based on the Qwasar platform. I immediately submitted my resume and passed the interview. That’s how I found out that there is a Qwasar training platform

— Tell us a little about your experience with Qwasar ?

— Immediately after the interview, I got acquainted with tools such as “Zulip” multifunctional soft for working and communication, and upskill “Qwasar” education platform. In terms of the UI and UX, everything was at the highest level, but most of all I liked is the program itself, which gave me a lot in terms of knowing not only the C language, but also the fundamental concepts of a computer architecture, data structures, and algorithms.

— Is there any particular project that challenge you most ? How did you manage to solve it ?

— Well, it depends on the season, in the first season it was a “my_tar” (archiving utility) project because initially it was hard to figure out how it works in general and as it was a team project I decided to skip it and go further. But as it turned out, there was nothing complicated and these were the difficulties of the first steps like creating a team and reading the documentation of this GNU project. In the second season of Software Engineering, a “my_mouse” project was a complex one, since it took topics of algorithms and it looked more like a competitive programming problem with additional functionality that should be implemented

— Would you recommend the Qwasar program and If so why ?

— Of course! There are a number of reasons why it’s worth at least trying the first season, not talking about the second season. The first reason is knowledge, whether you are an experienced programmer or just starting out, there will always be something new that you did not know or knew on the “surface”, here on the Qwasar platform you not only learn those things but also recreate everything by yourself, this was the first thing that hooked me during the program. The second reason follows from the first one, experience, you understand how to organize a project, what should depend on what, you will learn how to write functions at the level of single responsibility (when it does only one task), and in general you will think more about the organization of code than write bad code in a hurry and rewrite again. The third reason is confidence, after passing the first season you will be confident in your knowledge and you will understand that there are no hard or complicated topics in programming but profound and simple ones. As a result, you will take on new and interesting projects without any doubts.

— What advice would you give to current learners at Qwasar ?

— Well, first of all, manage your time, because if you go too hard in this business, you will “burn out”. So the first step is to organize some kind of time management. The second and probably the most important thing is to communicate with your fellow students. You can learn a lot of useful information and share it yourself, which is good. Perhaps this is one of the most important goals of Qwasar, to create a strong community of developers who will progress together and help each other.

— Is there anything you would like to share with us ?

Try, do, and you will succeed, the main thing is to set a goal and go to it)

Thanks for your time.

Interview by Houssein

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