Aldamzhar Kiikbayev

How Did You Get Into Programming?

By enrolling into the Nazarbayev University computer science major

How Did You Find Out About Qwant?

Found out through BCPD AIFC newsfeed in Instagram

What Was Your Season 1 And Season 2 Like?

Season 1 — Common track was very interesting thing to endure and go through, because there were many challengers in programming, algorithms and data structures in C, that didn’t leave my summer boring. On the contrary, a great experience filled with so many smart and educated people eager to gain more knowledge and practice in unusual but innovative no-teachers bootcamp Season 2 — My track was in Data Science, where I got the opportunity to code in Python, and learn much more about the scientific math and data engineering, including working with data visualization, wrangling and manipulation according to our goals. Overall, an awesome path that I got the honor to take with other students and lovers of IT industry

What’s your dream job?

To learn the essentials of Data Science and Software Engineering, gain community and kickstart my IT career

What Do You Like Best About Qwant?

The community, mentors and creative structure of a program with no teachers and no strict curriculum

What’s Your Biggest Piece Of Advice For Piscine Students?

Code every day, even if it includes writing just 1 function a day. Learning C is the most important, because many great operating systems like Linux, Windows or MacOS were built on top of that language. Therefore, pay close attention to learning essential algorithms and data sctructures like queue, stack, set, trees and tries. Try to write own programs in C and learn and practice it every single day

What’s Your Biggest Piece Of Advice For Future Students?

Delving into the programming world starts with applying to QWANT, therefore my main advice is DO NOT FEAR TO APPLY to jobs, QWANT program or coding bootcamp ever!

Do You Have Any Advice For Qwant Students When It Comes To Looking For A Job And The Interview Process?

Leetcode, hackerrank and codewars are the top three platforms to solve algorithmic coding problems. Solve half of them and you will be able to ace all job interviews at Google, Bloomberg, Snapchat or Facebook. Just set the goal, solve coding issues and be confident in your skills. Good luck!


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