Sanzhar, From Student to Mid Back-End Developer

How Did You Get Into Programming?

My journey began with the fact that I have always been interested in the field of innovation and technology. Then came the pandemic period and a lot of free and high-quality resources for learning programming. Of course, I decided not to miss this chance and test myself and my capabilities.

How Did You Find Out About Qwant?

During the search for excellent resources, I set up all social networks and their recommendations for searching for programming resources. As a result, a QWANT was caught in an Instagram ad.

What Was Your Season 1 And Season 2 Like?

Well, let’s start with the fact that by that time I had poor knowledge in this area, and there was a C and a peer-learning system. In the beginning it was very difficult, but it was these difficulties that helped me a lot in the future. During the first season, I realized how big and friendly the community of programmers is, I learned the main skill of a programmer — how to effectively google, and also met and even worked with interesting people from the QWANT and other students who had the same burning eyes and a hunger for development in this area.

What’s your dream job?

No matter how frivolous it may sound, but my dream job is engaged in an innovative project that can bring maximum benefits to humanity (and a lot of money for me of course).

What Do You Like Best About Qwant?

That they teach you independence, and instill those skills without which you can not be an excellent coder: correctly and quickly search for the necessary information, be able to interact with other people, and also never give up and go to the end, no matter if you already had a thousandth bug.

What’s Your Biggest Piece Of Advice For Piscine Students?

Code, code, and code again. After passing this stage, you will learn and understand a lot of precious skills and knowledge.

What’s Your Biggest Piece Of Advice For Future Students?

Do not forget to communicate with fellow students, it is very likely that they will be able and will be for you to help. It’s cool to be independent, but you should also not forget to ask for help from others.

Do You Have Any Advice For Qwant Students When It Comes To Looking For A Job And The Interview Process?

Do not be afraid to apply for difficult vacancies, there is still a chance that they will be interested in you, only a letter or a click is required from you. Even if they don’t take it, then interviews are not superfluous, you will be able to better understand how to pass them and what employers want from you.


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