How Did You Get Into Programming?

After my graduation (master) I didn’t find any job in my field and that moment I was abroad. So I decided start to learn basic coding. It was really stressful because everything was new for me.

What was main goal when you applied to QWANT?

My main goal was to learn new (coding) languages and concepts.

How Did You Find Out About Qwant?

I saw the post about Qwant on instagram.

What Was Your Season 1 And Season 2 Like?

My first season was quite hard. The reason is C language which is probably was the key to understand the logic of every concept and function. Second season was good for team work and peer review. There were interesting projects (bootcamps) where you can create website and etc.

What Do You Like Best About Qwant?

I really liked bootcamps because it is easiest way to quickly learn languages.

What’s Your Biggest Piece Of Advice For Piscine Students?

C is one of the most important and widely used of all programming languages. This means that good C programmers are able to write clever, efficient code.

What’s Your Biggest Piece Of Advice For Future Students?

I would say it is good opportunity to start coding experience with excellent teachers and advisers.

Do You Have Any Advice For Qwant Students When It Comes To Looking For A Job And The Interview Process?

First of all, I would recommend to make a proper CV. It is very important to show your skills and knowledge in one page (provide links to the projects). The interview depends on what company you’re applying. You have to search more about company and position you are interested.


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